To what extent has religion been used for personal gain?

Faith makes people believe that if they follow the religious teachings, they will be compensated pleasantly. Many individuals have requested God’s aid for personal gain, ignoring whether or not it was acceptable. Throughout the course of history, it can be seen how religion was used as a justification to commit several crimes.



An example is the attack to the weekly newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” in France. Muslim extremists felt that their religion had been disrespected because they saw the satirical comics, regarding the Prophet Muhammad, as inappropriate. They used the attack as a method to stop people presenting their religion in such ways.



Another example can be found in the “Thuggee murders”. Members of the Thuggee sect would offer sacrifices in order to appease the goddess Kali. In both examples, extreme measures were used in order to obtain something in return.

In the case of the attack, they wanted to stop people from referring to important figures of their religion in such ways. In the case of the Thuggee murders, they wanted to appease the goddess, and not feel her wrath. History has shown us that not only do we commit horrible acts to appease the gods, it also shows that there are those whose faith is unbreakable.

Within religion, language is used to interpret the religious texts and experiences lived. Sense perception is also involved, in the sense that the eyes are needed to read the divine texts. Nonetheless, the interpretations made can vary depending on the individual, their experiences, their knowledge and more. 



An example is the attack to Charlie Hebdo. Two of the major teachings of the Prophet Muhammad is that actions are judged based on the intentions behind them and that a person shouldn’t cause harm to oneself and to others. The Muslims might of thought that, based on this two major teachings, if they attack the newspaper, they will be able to stop them from being offensive towards them. From their perspective, their actions are justified, even if others got hurt, because they were trying to stop others from being obscene when referring to their religion.

In conclusion, religion is one of the areas of knowledge commonly use for personal gain. Each individual has different objectives in mind, and an excuse is often wanted in order to freely do what they desire. The outcome can be good or bad, nonetheless the personal gain remains existent.


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