TOK activity: Visual arts

The title of our group’s creation is “The trash”. The chosen topic is immigrants not being welcomed to other countries, due to problems in their own. It is linked to Donald Trump’s policies regarding immigrants in general, stating that he would build a wall between Mexico and United States. We decided to portray the chosen topic based on Donald Trump’s ideas of excluding immigrants.

Within the picture, Julia represents Donald Trump and she possess an orange color to represent Donald Trump more prominently, who possess a noticeable orange tan. Donald Trump is looking down upon “the trash” which represents the immigrants. We decided to represent immigrants that way, due to the fact that Trump doesn’t consider immigrants as people but as trash. The trash can represents the doom that Trump is making the immigrants live by not providing aid. Furthermore, the aid kit represent the aid that Trump does not want to provide. In addition, the picture was taken from that angle to represent Trump’s superiority regarding this matter, due to him possessing all the resources necessary and he believes he is superior as well.



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