“In your everyday life, do you yourself use technology to improve how you see, hear or use other sense?”



Long before our speech started to develop, our language used as a means of communication or our expressions, and movements, our senses were always there to help with the interaction and interpretation of the outside world. Establishing a precise, distinctive meaning for each piece of information that the senses provide us with.




Our main tools which are used daily and granted the communication with the world to take place, are smell, hearing, sight, taste and touch.

Nonetheless, even though the method used to experiment and perceive the little details that the world has to offer, are the same, the interpretation and conclusions made, aren’t always similar. Not everybody perceives the world the same way as others.



They lived different experiences, obtaining both personal and experiential knowledge in their own individual ways. As a result, establishing a meaning that only them are able to understand. A certain color might carry a certain significance.

Some believe that blue connotes sadness, or red means anger. Yet others can see blue as calmness and red as courage. It depends on the interpretation made.


Moreover, there are countless people who lack a certain sense. Being differently abled, it allows them to develop another sense even further. This is where technology plays a big role, because it allowed several opportunities to appear, for those to obtain what they have lost or to make their lives easier.

Last year, a new window of possibility came into play for the area of the senses, when neuroscientist David Eagleman, talked about the idea of sensory substitution, which involves the loss of one sense, and substituting or redirecting it. Expanding the idea of creating “a new sense”.

The Versatile Extra-Sensory Transducer, or VEST, allowed the deaf to “feel” the words that are being spoken of. This is a wearable tool which translates the sounds made by a person, helping the person “feel” what is being said. It can be said that is hearing through your back, instead of using your ears. The VEST responds to any kind of noise, and sounds, which the environment are providing. This tool attempts the representation of the sound, not a code or language.



Technology not only helps in tremendous amounts at a large scale, for people who really need its aid, but also in the daily lives of many. Technology is able to improve the quality of life for many, even in a very small amount.



Although I don’t need the use of glasses, contacts, or hearing aids, technology helps me daily in order to improve my sense perception. Computers help my eyesight greatly, allowing to zoom in or out a certain image. In order for me to get a cleared view of the details. 

I have family members which need to use a hearing aid, and helps massively in terms of communication. So that everybody can participate in the conversation.

Technology has also allowed me to keep my friendships, being able to communicate with friends and family. Especially through skype, where I can see, and hear them. Even though they might on the other side of the Earth.




In  addition, the use of technology benefits me in the field of acquiring more knowledge, in order for me to improve a certain skill. In this case, technology helps me improve my nail painting skills and design making.

Often, I use the internet to watch videos, regarding nail painting and how to make certain designs. I obtain that knowledge both visually and by listening to the explanations. But, also, through touch, since I’m able to feel the cold paint on top of my nails. 


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